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19th-Oct-2007 01:09 pm(no subject)
Can anyone reccommend good books for:

Fingering Exercises

Just curious.

4th-Oct-2007 08:32 am(no subject)
Hey, this community looks dead! It needs something about keytars. Speaking of keytars, I went to see Sonata Arctica this past week, and it really made me want to get more serious about practicing my keyboard (which is supposed to arrive in the mail some time today. Casio 3300 because it's cheap and has a pitch bend wheel).
Most metal/ rock keyboards seem like arpeggioed chords, but chords are something that NONE of my piano teachers have ever gone over in the past. Sucky, huh?
Does anyone know where I can get a good book to teach AND apply chords? I mean, I've seen some books that have chords, and I have a great one for scales, but I want theory and application of such thingies.
Also, does anyone have any reviews/ oppinions of the casio 3300. I'm really saving up for a Roland AX-7 or AX-1 even, and I hear that they're getting ready to release the Roland AX-8, but those are unsubstantiated claims.

Anyway, thanks for this community!

27th-Jul-2007 08:18 pm - back to playing..
i recently bought a low-end yamaha keyboard just for the sake of getting back into my music. i took piano lessons as a kid and then abandoned them. only to discover in my late teens that i missed playing.

i retaught myself how to read sheet music. i'm still not the best sight reader in the world but i'm trying..

right now i'm playing "Easy piano". yeah there's sharps and flats but not more than i can handle. really basic chords. 

anyone else trying to upgrade from the "Easy piano" book level? anyone like playing jazz standards?
10th-Dec-2006 10:03 pm(no subject)
Hi! I guess this is the first post in the community. I feel so excited...

Anyway, I've been playing keyboard/piano for about seven years, and taking lessons for five. I don't currently take lessons now as I can't really afford them, and unfortunately I've gotten very rusty on keyboards because I've been spending all my musical energy on guitar and vocals. I am starting a band with my guitar-playing friend. I mostly play guitar and sing, but play a little keyboards and harmonica on the side. We don't have a bassist or permanent drummer yet but we're working on that.

So what is your favorite type of keyboard music? I personally prefer classic rock for keyboard, such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Deep Purple. However I also like some modern bands a lot, such as Evanescence, Radiohead, Muse and Coldplay.
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